Gratitude is a POWERFUL Emotion!

It has the “Scientific” Power to Strengthen Relationships that Build Trust
Promote Excellence in Organizations like YOURS!

Modern Neuroscience Has Found a Way to Solve the
Workplace Engagement Problems by adding
Gratitude into your Business!

According to Forbes, businesses spend approximately
160 Billion dollars a year On Employee Turnover.

Studies all across the nation report that…
Lack of engagement is directly correlated with lack of appreciation,
which ranks at the top of reasons people leave their jobs.
Could something as simple as a “thank you” actually affect the way someone feels at work,
and does it really make a difference in the company’s BOTTOM-LINE?
Cutting-edge Neuroscience will tell you the answer to that question
is a resounding “YES”!

So, what is your single greatest opportunity to tackle
the engagement issue in your organization?

Learning how to incorporate a practice of GRATITUDE
In your business can make a dramatic difference in overall productivity!
A recent study (with published control group data) showed that productivity increased by
nearly 50% after incorporating a GRATITUDE practice.
Not only does a grateful work environment alter employee productivity, but,
As an added bonus, research shows it also positively affects its customers.

A practice of GRATITUDE does not mean that you have to be grateful for everything.
Of course, no one is grateful for an angry co-worker, company down-sizing,
or any other problems life may bring.
However, learning the TRUTH behind Scientific GRATITUDE
And how-to-use-it teaches your brain how to
Respond differently in the midst of difficult situations.

Neuroscience tells us that GRATITUDE is like a seed planted in your mind.
When that seed is watered daily, its roots begin to spread and connect
to all areas of the brain. This creates new networks for positivity
which literally change the way your brain works.
This concept is known as Neuroplasticity or the brain’s ability
to alter pathways, do to extensive use.

GRATITUDE lights up the brain which shows up in your BUSINESS!

Putting GRATITUDE into Practice Offers These Benefits:

  • Improved Physical Health: due to the decrease in brain’s release of stress hormones which lead to illness
  • Improved Relationships: that serve as a connection strengthener in regard to respect and company loyalty
  • Improved Mental Health: shifts the mind’s thought process toward higher functioning portions of the brain.
  • Improved Job/Life Satisfaction: by increasing levels of happiness and altering the brain’s “feel good” chemicals to significantly raise the quality of life
  • Increased Productivity: by altering perceptions of one’s work environment and significantly increasing ENGAGEMENT