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  • 24/7 Access to the GRATITUDE Boost Membership Site
  • My eBOOK the 7 Steps to Living a Grateful Life
  • A Personal Welcome Message including my Favorite GRATITUDE tip

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YOU Will Receive

  • 21 days of Science made Simple GRATITUDE tips emailed directly to you
  • Access to our Private Online GRATITUDE Group
  • A GRATITUDE cheerleader for 21 days
  • Weekly Facebook Live’s where I will answer your ?’s
  • My favorite Audio Teachings for an on-the-go GRATITUDE boost
  • Practical Tools to use GRATITUDE to battle anxiety & depression
  • Daily Connection and Support from the GROUP
  • Discount Codes  to future events and retreats

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     21 Days of GRATITUDE greatness emailed directly to your inbox

    Each day you will receive an email from me with proven strategies, tips and action steps for developing a practice of GRATITUDE in your own life. I will include GRATITUDE approaches for personal, family, and work-related GRATITUDE as well as the latest, cutting-edge research!

    Access to our Private Online GRATITUDE Group

    Research shows that CONNECTION is one of the most beneficial things we can do to improve the quality of our lives. This online GRATITUDE Group is full of like-minded people living busy lives who could all use a bit of encouragement from time to time along their GRATITUDE journey.


    A GRATITUDE cheerleader for 21 days

     Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time. I will be THAT GIRL! Build a habit of GRATITUDE that lasts a lifetime with enthusiastic support from someone who has been WALKED the WALK!

    Weekly Facebook Live where I will answer your ?’s

    The best way to learn is by having a REAL teacher. I will be here LIVE with The Group each week to give you extra bonus tips and answer any “real-life” questions along the GRATITUDE Journey!

    My favorite Audio Teachings for an on-the-go GRATITUDE boost

    I know that everyone’s time is VALUABLE, so using your on-the-go time is crucial when creating new habits of GRATITUDE. I will send you links of some of my favorite audio messages to give you an extra boost of GRATITUDE while you live your busy life.

    Personal 1-on-1 Encouragement from the GRATITUDE Community                                                              

    During my research into GRATITUDE I discovered that everyone wants a little something different to spark their GRATITUDE boost. You will get a personal GRATITUDE coach with messages directly to you as you build happier habits.